Voice Part: Soprano 2
Glen Ellyn, IL
Position(s): Assistant Musical Director, Boston Tour Manager
Major: Prospective Neuroscience
On Campus: Yale Children's Theater, PERIOD @ Yale


Grcace's grandfather was the first person to ride the NYC subway.

Grace Larrabee, BK '22

Voice Part: Alto 2
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Position(s): Boston Tour Manager, Jam Coordintor, Rush Manager (Sweep)
Major:  Prospective Cognitive Science and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Double Major​
On Campus: PALS Tutoring, Black Student Alliance at Yale

Valerie has petted Bo Obama.

Valerie Akinyoyenu

BK '22

Voice Part: Soprano 1

Hometown: Yonkers, NY
Position(s): Musical Director (Pitch)
Major: Prospective Comparative Literature Major
On Campus: ​ Ticketing Coordinator, Friends of Classics

Sara went to elementary school in 3 different countries.

Sara Armstrong, JE '22

Voice Part: Alto 1
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA​
Position(s): Social Chair, Head Rush Manager
Major: Theatre Studies and Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry​
On Campus: Yale Theatre, Heritage Theatre Ensemble, BSAY

Kyra can jump rope with her arms.

Kyra Montes, GH '22

Voice Part: Soprano 2
Hometown: Yarmouth, ME
Position(s): Rush Manager (Book), International Tour Manager, Social Chair
Major: Prospective History
On Campus: ESL Tutoring,



In high school, Bay spent 3 months wanting to be an astronaut before she learned that she is below the NASA-mandated height.

Bay Hanson, SY ‘22

Voice Part: Alto 1
Hometown: Reno, NV
Position(s): Business Manager, Wardrobe
Major: U.S. History and Political Science

On Campus:

Sophomore Class President, Students for a New American Politics Political Action Committee (SNAP PAC), Yale College Democrats, Pi Beta Phi, Yale Model United Nations, Pauli Murray College Event Aide, Milkshake Specialist at the Pauli Murray Buttery

Though she is only 5'0 and totally nonathletic, Heather was recruited to play college basketball 

Heather Foster, MY '21

Voice Part: Soprano I

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Position(s): Assistant Business Manager, International Tour Manager, Choreography

Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and the History of Science, Medicine, & Public Health

On Campus: Communication and Consent Educator (CCE), Peer Wellness Champion (PWC), Yale Global Health Review 

Tomeka taught herself how to wiggle her ears at a very young age.

Tomeka Frieson, BK '21

Voice Part: Alto 2
Hometown: Hatfield, MA
Position(s): Art Rush Manager, Solo Coah
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
On Campus: Yale Precision Marching Band, Engineering Tour Guide

Yale's population is three times larger than that of Julia'a hometown 

Julia McClellan, SY '21

Voice Part: Alto 2
Hometown: Miami, FL
Position(s): Alumnae Coordinator, Rush Manager, Webmaster, Emcee
Major: Prospective Neuroscience
On Campus: TEDxYale, Latina Women at Yale, Morse Head of College Aide, HAVEN Free Clinic

Stephanie's favorite song in Something Extra's repertoire is Just One of Those Things by Cole Porter.

Stephanie Malta, MC '21

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Voice Part: Soprano 2
Hometown: New York, NY
Position(s): Solo Coach, Cinematographer
Major: Music and Film Studies
On Campus: Private Vocal Lessons, Bulldog Productions

Serena once raised eight chickens in her apartment.

Serena Michaels, GH '21

Voice Part: Alto 1
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Position(s): Solo Coach
Major: Prospective Physics and Philosophy
On Campus: Student Developer at the Yale Student Technology Collaborative, Outreach Director for the Reproductive Justice Action League at Yale

Cat once met Lil Uzi Vert at the Rite Aid

Cat de Lacoste-Azizi,

BK ‘21

SEniors: Tap Class of 2016


Voice Part: Soprano 2
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Previous Position(s): Assistant Musical Director, Wardrobe Manager, New York Tour Manager

Major: Theater Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
On Campus: Lots of theater, Yaledancers, Sound Engineering (Check out SE’s latest album!)

Madi and her siblings are all named after presidents.

Madi Cupp-Enyard, MC ‘20


Voice Part: Alto 2
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Previous Position(s): Musical Director, Rush Manager, Social Chair, Connecticut Tour Manager
Major: English and American History
On Campus: Pi Beta Phi, Intern for Yale School of Music, Davenport Dining Hall Manager, Pauli Murray Head of College Aide, ​

Jordan didn't learn to ride a bike until she was 16.

Jordan Lampo, DC '20


Voice Part: Soprano 1
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Previous Position(s): Art Rush Manager, Social Media Director, Choreographer​
Major: Psychology
On Campus: Rhythmic Blue, Yaledancers, Alpha Phi

Allie once broke her ankle in a mosh pit.

Allie Bensinger, DC '20


Voice Part: Alto 1
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Previous Position(s): Assistant Business Manager, Alumnae Coordinator
Major: Neuroscience
On Campus:
 Yale Emergency Medical Services, Crisis Text Line Counselor, 
Yale New Haven Hospital Volunteer, Research Assistant at CT Mental Health Center


Snigdha once ate pretzels with Jimmy Kimmel.

Snigdha Nandipati, BK '20

Voice Part: Alto 1
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Previous Position(s): Business Manager
Major: Computer Science
On Campus: Yale Computer Society, Pi Beta Phi, Admissions Office Recruitment Coordinator

Joanna is lactose intolerant but in denial.

Joanna Wu, PC '20

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= a member of Yale's senior women's ensemble, Whim 'n Rhythm