Sisters Since 1977

In the middle of one cold, New Haven winter in 1977, a Yale undergrad by the name of Lori-Anne Wynter called the first rehearsal of what would soon become the newest all-women’s a cappella group on campus. Three months of rehearsing later, still nameless but ready to turn some heads, the founding members of our group, stunning in their matching tuxedos, marched their way onto the stage of the now-obsolete Zeta Psi Jamboree.


The unprepared MC, not knowing what to call the shockingly dressed ensemble, simply glanced out into the crowd and improvised: "And to conclude the night, here's a little something extra!"


Women's a cappella at Yale has never been the same.

Although the women of Something Extra swapped their tuxedos for black evening gowns and red opera gloves, the group is proud to maintain the tradition of musical excellence, friendship, style, and adventure established by its alumnae.

Something Extra has earned a reputation as Yale's finest all-female a cappella ensemble. Our excellence in music has earned us recognition from CASA (Collegiate A Cappella Society of America), as well as praise from other a cappella groups at Yale and elsewhere. Our group performs pop, jazz, indie rock, folk and country, as well as traditional Yale songs. Although Something Extra's group members seldom major in music, our repertoire is almost exclusively self-arranged.

Our group has toured at home and abroad throughout North America, Europe, and the Caribbean, performing at venues such as the White House, U.S. embassies, the medieval town of Sacrofano, Italy, and the set of "Jeopardy!"


But, there’s no place like home. Here at Yale, we perform in a number of events, including our annual Jam in February and our Parents’ Weekend concert in October, both of which draw crowds of friends, relatives, and music-lovers. Something Extra is well known at Yale for their offbeat humor, so our on-campus concerts promise laughs as well as great music. We also have a fantastic time doing informal concerts with singing groups from other universities when we get the chance. In New Haven and the surrounding areas, we entertain some of our favorite audiences in schools, retirement communities, and country clubs.

Something Extra is available for hire throughout the academic year and would be the perfect choice for entertainment at your next event! Outside of Yale A Cappella, our group regularly sings at private and corporate gatherings, University events, restaurants, schools, and a host of other venues.


We also offer the chance to learn our music through music workshops at schools. Please visit our contact page for booking information.

With a 40-year legacy of exciting music and lasting friendships, Something Extra is proud to maintain a tradition of musical excellence, community, and adventure.