Why Rush

Something Extra?

The 2021-2022 school year marks the 45 years of Something Extra at Yale College. As an all-women group, we are proud to be part of the growing tradition of sisterhood and song at Yale.

Here at Yale, we perform in a number of events, including our annual Jam in February and our Parents’ Weekend concert in October, both of which draw crowds of friends, relatives, and music-lovers. Something Extra is well known at Yale for their offbeat humor, so our on-campus concerts promise laughs as well as great music. We also have a fantastic time doing informal concerts with singing groups from other universities when we get the chance.


A big part of what makes Something Extra so unique is the remarkable diversity of interests and backgrounds within the group. The women of Something Extra do it all and love every minute. Need a crash course in guitar? Learn some chords from Ivana. If you could use a good laugh, just spend 10 minutes in the presence of Aditi or Grace. Work on groundbreaking computer code with Cat. Looking to practice a foreign language? Chat with Bay in Arabic or with Valerie in Spanish. And the next time you’re at a Yale theater production, look around—you may find all of us in the audience, escaping our homework to watch Sofie, KG, or Sara light-up center stage.

We could not be more excited to welcome the newest class of singers to campus, and the newest members of Something Extra to our group. See you at auditions!




Aditi Narayanan, PC '24


Ivana Barnes, SY '23


(617) 943-2879


Sofie Fusco, JE '24


(917) 373-8976

Welcome Class of 2024 and Class of 2025! We are so excited for a cappella rush. Feel free to contact any of the rush managers at their email or cell phone numbers above, or at